New Software Helps Companies Make Sense of Their Customer Journeys launches interactive customer journey mapping software that helps companies achieve agile customer journey strategies

Sample Customer Journey Template - Saas is pleased to announce the launch of its Customer Journey Mapping Software that provides a revolutionary approach to experience planning and strategy. It comprises 4 core elements: 

  1. Touchpoint Inventory Software: gather up all your touchpoints digitally and make them available for drag-and-drop onto different maps. Add details, configurations, connections and more. 
  2. Customer Journey Mapping Software: create a variety of versionable and shareable maps, made up of connected touchpoints. Edit details, KPI's and more at each touchpoint on different maps. 
  3. Customer Journey Feedback Loops that can be built at each touchpoint through integrations such as SurveyMonkey surveys, Hubspot marketing automation, Salesforce CRM and others, that then update inside the context of each touchpoint. 
  4. Tracking software that records the iterations made at each touchpoint over time based on insight from the feedback loops that lead to better customer experience results. 

"With this release CEO's and senior strategic management have unprecedented transparency across the customer journey and ability to communicate a customer-experience-oriented vision," said Greg Marlin, Founder and CEO of, "never before have marketers, company strategists, and customer experience professionals had this level of visibility and simplicity to communicate what needs to be done." 

Customers such as ChristianSteven Software are finding these benefits. "The tool helped to get the team onboard in 20 minutes with the vision of being a marketing-driven organization, whereas we had been trying for 2 years prior to get true buy-in," said Christian Ofori-Boateng, Founder and CEO of ChristianSteven, a leading BI and Dashboard Software, "now the entire team is motivated, engaged and empowered as a result of using's software." offers a 30-day free trial of its software. Interested customers should sign-up today and get started making sense of their complex customer journeys. 

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