New Social Travel Network Travialist Launches to Provide the Ultimate Travel Experience

Early adopters can lock in great 50 percent reduced rates and perks through Travialist's crowdfunding campaign launching end of April.

We are Travialist

The exciting new social travel network, Travialist, is about to launch a brand-new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign will provide early adopters great reduced rates and perks. The Travialist app is unlike most travel apps that offer information or planning. Travialist offers both, created as an all-in-one travel app with 21st Century upgrades. But its functionality goes far beyond traveler's needs.

Travialist offers its users more than 20 million points of interest, 9,000 cities and more than 500 curated destinations. Travelers can plan their next adventure right in the app or choose from user-generated trips. Travialist replaces outdated and often cumbersome to carry around travel guides. Its complete custom map integration allows travelers to either search like they would in a traditional book or on the map.

Travialist's vision is an individual experience with your digital footprint in mind. A built-in multi-encryption messenger sets a new benchmark. Travelers can chat with their friends and family safely while on the go, right in the app. The Travialist messenger is based on Open Whisper Systems technology, and adds additional layers of encryption and hardening against MITM attacks.

“This is an exciting new social travel network that was created based on needs and challenges we faced while traveling to London in 2017,” says Jan Dubs, founder of Travialist. “With Travialist, information is up-to-date, it creates an all-in-one experience for travelers, and allows them to communicate effectively and safely as well as have control over what information they share and how they are distributed.”

Travialist’s understanding of enhanced social networking with the user in mind showcases their paid feature: P2P inspired sharing. Data is temporarily uploaded to a Swiss-based server and only accessible to selected Travialists based on the user's selection. “Data is property, your property!” says Jan Dubs. “We believe in a future, where private user information is no longer a currency, but belongs to its owner. This approach is cost generating. The most important thing we want our users to understand.”

The crowd-funding campaign offers incredible 50 percent savings for early adopters. The first 100 contributors can access the Explorer Annual Subscription for $24. There is also a five-year family plan that includes two adults and two children for $269. Those who want a life-time plan can lock in the rate of $499 exclusively through the campaign.

For more information, a full list of all contributor levels and a list of perks for each level, visit the Travialist campaign site.

About Travialist

Travialist, a Swiss start-up, is a social travel network. The company’s team is made of people who care about their digital footprint, privacy and data security. They all love traveling and have merged their love of travel with today’s technology. For more information, visit

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About Travialist GmbH

We are Travialist, a Swiss Start-Up consisting of people caring about their digital footprint, privacy and data security. We all love travelling and therefore merged our knowledge to create a social travel network.

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