New Social Media Network Allows Individuals And Businesses To Communicate And Share Online

A new social media network brings together Facebook, YouTube, and Blogger at one place - provides unmatched benefits to users and members.

Social media has become really powerful in the recent times. We have all seen how a 26 year old female was able to spark the entire population of Egypt recently by posting messages on Facebook, which is among the most popular social media websites. And according to some reports, websites such as Twitter are becoming more popular than blogging now. The social media network can also be used very effectively to promote online businesses, and that's precisely what many online marketing companies are doing now. In fact, a lot of big businesses too are now taking the social media network very seriously, and want to gain from the opportunities they offer.

A new business, CMYMails, now brings together some of the most popular networking tools and resources such as Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and others together at one place to help individuals and businesses gain from marketing through social media network.

Social media networking allows people to stay connected and share news and information that interest them. They can form groups, post messages to the members individually and to the group at large, and communicate with each other in real time through online chat, forum, message board, and other features. People can share common interests and activities.

CMYMails is making it easy for individuals and businesses to upload any number of videos. Not just that, the website is also providing easy access to share and publish to anyone in the world. So as a business or individual, you could share your event, and carry out video communication through chat. This is, of course, great news particularly for a business that wants to get engaged with a live audience. CMYMails is allowing all users to stream media, blogs, groups, etc. on what they decide to broadcast publicly.

A business can gain by setting up communities and groups related to its niche, or by tapping into the interests of members and friends who join up on the community page. Once a network is created, the business can then publish information, and make promotions. Experts say that this mode of reaching the prospects is extremely effective. And if done well, the message could become viral and spread across the web, thus promoting the business even more.

Social media network marketing is much cheaper than conventional advertising (newspapers and television,) and since it is more direct, it is more effective. Another reason why it works so well is because it is powered by personal recommendations, which has more credibility than television advertising.

About CMYMails:

CMYMails is a social media website that allows individuals and businesses to share media uploads, carry out live self broadcasting, host events online, and invite people to participate, share photos, publish blog stories, and create individual sets of favorite channels. Members have unlimited access to instant messages, forum, chat, or video chat, and the ability to share and communicate with others. To learn more about this social media network, please visit


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