New Slate Films Introducing an Affordable Start-up Package for new Businesses

New Slate Films is introducing an exclusive and budget oriented start-up package for new businesses

New Slate Films is introducing an exclusive and budget oriented start-up package for new businesses

Video marketing has grown in popularity in the recent years. Business owners have realized that the social media presents a perfect opportunity to market their products or services using video marketing. But new businesses cannot usually afford to hire video production companies to handle their video marketing needs. They either try to produce their own videos or forgo video marketing altogether.

There are some companies that are offering exclusive video production packages that are ideal fit for these start-ups, New Slate Films is such a production company. They are introducing a budget oriented video production package exclusively for new businesses and individuals who previously thought that video marketing was out of their reach.

This package is especially designed for businesses and individuals who have just entered their relevant market and cannot afford a full blown video marketing campaign. But they still want an effective and customized video production to fulfill their marketing needs in the confines of their budget.

New Slate Films has brought these individuals and businesses this package which will allow them to produce a high quality 2 to 3 minute marketing video which will cost them about half the price of a normal video production.

A spokesperson from New Slate Films said that, “We have introduced this package to meet the needs of clients that are faced with a limited budget. But they still want to get a worthwhile production in the amount of money they have. We offer super quality customized video production for these clients.”

The company dedicates a single director/cinematographer to your project and he films HD quality video as per your requirements. The video is then edited as per the client’s instructions and the company offers you a choice between many types of royalty free music. The royalty free music helps to cut the cost of the production even further.

So if you have just started a new business in the Chicago area, there is no better choice then choosing New Slate Production’s start-up package. It will allow you to receive professional video production in your limited budget.

About the Company

New Slate Films is dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with a unique opportunity to tell their stories. They deal in corporate and business promotional videos, legal and medical video production and website and YouTube video marketing. New Slate Films aims to connect you to your audience and they let the audience know that whatever your business has to offer is worth their time. They pride themselves in finding a way to get the desired message across to the largest possible audience.

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