New Service Helps With the Impending Coronavirus Child Care Crisis in America

WEEKDAYS Launches Matching Service Connecting Families With Teachers and Parents Able to Offer Immediate Care


​​​​​​As schools close and parents lack paid leave, a national child care crisis looms. WEEKDAYS (, a technology company that matches parents with neighborhood in-home child care options, today announced the launch of “HomeSchool Pods,” a program to solve the child care crisis brought on by coronavirus. Families looking for in-home child care with small class sizes are matched with teachers and other vetted child care providers in their neighborhood. All HomeCare Pods in impacted communities are maxed at three children or less due to the coronavirus. 

“As some schools are closing and more parents are working from home, we are already seeing an urgent, overwhelming need for safe, neighborhood child care,” said Shauna Causey, founder of WEEKDAYS. “We have talented teachers and parents in communities who aren’t currently working. At the same time, we have families who need urgent care. This matching service is designed to meet this immediate need.” 

An urgent text message line has been set up for families looking for care and teachers, parents and child care providers who are able to offer care. 

Parents can text “childcare” to 425.200.5127 or email to learn about local child care options and join the wait-list. 

Teachers and child care providers: Any teachers and parents interested in offering child care can text “provider” to the same number, 425.200.5127, for more info and to start the process to offer child care and help families in their community. 

Anyone showing any symptoms of illness is asked to immediately opt-out of child care and children and care providers must be free of any illness to start and run a program.

“I deeply understand the difficult position the coronavirus has put our entire communities in,” said Causey. “As a parent of two children who lives in Seattle, it’s personal. I feel fortunate that we can pivot our existing business resources at WEEKDAYS as a service to support families in our community during this time.”

Child care providers are vetted and go through a background check and online training before being matched with parents. Once parents are matched, they’re connected directly to the provider. WEEKDAYS helps child care providers with the business aspects of running a program, including payments, that are easily managed through the WEEKDAYS website. 

About WEEKDAYS: WEEKDAYS is empowering teachers, nannies and parents to run high-quality child care programs with the support of a complete business and tech platform. The company is on a mission to solve the national child care shortage by supporting high-quality in-home child care options in neighborhoods across the United States. The company encourages child-centered learning, with its core tenants inspired by best practices in early childhood education. WEEKDAYS was voted Best Child Care Provider by Fresh Chalk in 2020. To get in touch and follow WEEKDAYS:, text: (425) 200-5127 and online at

Current WEEKDAYS-supported programs include Bright West Preschool, a program focused on art-based learning; True Nature Child Care, an outdoor-focused program for kids 2.5 to 10 years old with a focus on hands-on learning through the environment; and KK’s House, an after-school program for elementary school children. 

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