New Service Helps Businesses Overcome Network Security Risks

togoCIO has introduced Firmware-Watch, an Innovative product that tracks security vulnerabilities and firmware on networked devices. Vulnerabilities in these devices are often used by hackers to penetrate networks, steal information, and impact operations. Covered devices include routers, firewalls, access points, and office devices like printers and cameras, known as Internet of Things devices.

togoCIO, a Georgia-based information security and risk management company, today announced the introduction of a new service, Firmware-Watch, designed to assist organizations of all sizes in identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities in their networked devices.  This offering, available for a monthly subscription fee, will help to identify new vulnerabilities as they are discovered, and notify device owners immediately, allowing them to take quick action.  In addition, organizations will be notified about any new firmware versions released, facilitating a pro-active approach to network security management.

"I believe this unique and innovative service will fill a major void in network security management" said Robert C. Covington, togoCIO's founder and President.  "There is a growing number of network-attached devices today, even in small businesses.  These include basic office equipment like printers and security cameras, known as Internet of Things devices.  Many of these are stuck in a closet and forgotten.  Hackers are making increasing use of such equipment to break into networks, interrupt essential services, and capture intellectual property."

I believe this unique and innovative service will fill a major void in network security management.

Robert C. Covington, President

According to an article published by Business Insider, the total number of Internet of Things devices in use will exceed 7 billion by 2017.  With the rapid adoption of such devices, organizations are having increasing trouble keeping track of them.  The failure to track firmware and vulnerabilities in such devices can lead to a significant data breach.

The Firmware-Watch service will allow users to submit a list of their devices, and to be notified immediately of any security-related issues identified for equipment on their list.  As a public service, a subscription will be available to home users and small businesses with a single device at no charge.  In addition, the service web site will freely publish data about new issues via its blog, and will provide firmware and security download links for all major vendors.

This new service, available immediately, can be accessed at

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togoCIO, based in Georgia, provides information security and compliance services to businesses. Their founder, Robert C. Covington, is considered an risk management authority, with a column entitled Risk Awareness in Computerworld.

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