New Serialized Comedy Mystery Musical Features Broadway and New York Acting Stars

Featuring Grace McLean (The Great Comet), Molly Hager (Waitress) and Nathaniel Kent (Trevor)

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Roi Gold Productions is proud to announce the arrival of The Fall of the House of Sunshine a new musical podcast adventure. The weekly musical adventure chronicles the murder of beloved kid’s show host Brushee Sunshine. The suspects are his brother Flosso, his fiancé Bracletta the beauty with the braces on her teeth and her legs and their odd assistant Elsa, a woman who acts like a dog. The man tasked to untangle the mess, Detective Dankent, is a world weary police inspector with a past. And the show – The Sunshine Smile Hour it seems a little too obsessed with teeth and ties to the odd city of New Molar. 

Fall of the House of Sunshine is written by award-winning playwright Jonathan A. Goldberg (Sousepaw) and Matthew Roi Berger (Gigantic). The cast features Grace McLean (The Great Comet), Jared Loftin (Gigantic), Nathaniel Kent (Trevor), Bonnie Milligan (Search Party), Molly Hager (Waitress), Melissa Lusk (Baby No More Times) and many more. Sound mix by Nicholas DiMichele.​

The Fall of the House of Sunshine will be available starting February on all major podcast platforms and at The whole first season of 12 episodes will be released on a weekly schedule with one week off every three episodes. For more information or to reach the cast and crew for interviews or other publicity, please email

Full Cast: Nathaniel Kent, Gabriel Levy, Bonnie Milligan, Jared Loftin, J.A. Goldberg, Larry Owens, Phil Callen, Jaqui Rossi, Matthew Roi Berger, Jenni Putney, Molly Hager, Grace McLean, James B. Kennedy, Melissa Lusk, Rachel Flynn, Hannah Cheek, Nicholas DiMichele, Kevin Townley, Dianna Oh, Jennifer Joan Thompson, Jocelyn Kuritsky, and Everett Quinton

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