NEW RX Tool for Small and Mid-Size Businesses to Heal Insurance Wounds

RiskScore® is a credit score for business operations. Two options-worker's compensation & medical/wellness. The higher your score, the lower your risk with greater potential for better rates. It takes only 10-minutes to complete a FREE custom-link survey. Rather than looking at your business as check-boxes, RiskScore® gives underwriters' a broader view to reward your smart business operations.

Risk Management and Insurance Strategist, Rick Dalrymple, announces a FREE service for CEOs and business leaders to get a “Risk Score” for their business through an assessment called RiskScore® to determine their operational blind spots that are costing them profits.  This industry leading product was designed for CEOs who need to lower insurance costs and reduce the severity of claims in the Workers’ Compensation area. The RiskScore® tool is now available in a Medical Cost/Wellness version to help with new healthcare reform compliance requirements and how the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  continues to affect business.

RiskScore® guides business owners through understanding the cost drivers that impact a financial statement. This proprietary program has statistically been proven to:

"Our goal is to help businesses learn how NOT to use their insurance," said Rick Dalrymple. "We win when businesses lower those costs and reinvest those dollars for business goals, people, and community."

Rick Dalrymple, CPIA, CMIP, President, RJD Risk Management, Inc.

  • Reduce claims by over 62%
  • Shrink severity of those claims over 20%
  • Decrease employee turnover by 29%
  • All in less than twelve months.

RiskScore® provides risk management strategies used by Fortune 1000 companies. Some business CEOs have seen savings of over $50,000 with their use of RiskScore®.

RiskScore® has been reviewed and validated by thirty-one top insurance companies, labor law and workers’ compensation attorneys. Benefits to businesses include: lowering total cost of risk, identifying operational blind spots, boosting of profits, and aggressive marketing to the underwriting process.

Over 100 million lawsuits are filed against small businesses in the US every year. Small business CEOs need an advocate who will help them uncover blindspots in their operations and defend against needless lawsuits. RiskScore® is that advocate.

Our goal is to help businesses learn how NOT to use their insurance,” said Rick Dalrymple. “We win when businesses lower those costs and reinvest those dollars for business goals, people, and community.”

To take this free 10-minute questionnaire consisting of “Yes,” “No,” and “Not sure” answers, please visit: This assessment produces far more effective results when completed by a company’s CEO or CFO who has the broad view of the company’s expected performance. A CEO can take one or both surveys. 

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