New Revolutionary ICO Launched by MCX Coin

The coin from the future

Charles Lambrou

MCX Coin launched globally in the presence of company CEO Charles Lambrou. Company promoters and marketers are excited about this new revolutionary concept in cryptocurrencies backed by blockchain technology.

CEO Charles Lambrou announced the MCX coin card which will help to manage multiple card vows and multiple wallets to one MCX multi wallet, that will provide the freedom of making payments and transactions from just one central wallet.

MCX coin is one of the first few coins that have the capability to incorporate hybrid technology. This technology enables the MCX coin to work on both the principles of proof of stake and proof of work, in turn helping the traders, customers, and miners, making MCX coin a stable entity. Furthermore, their powerful blockchain will run the most complex transactions from the stock and commodity markets and give them a transparent, secure and stable foothold by reducing the fluctuating market. MCX coin will make the transfer easier and help miners and traders to earn rewards by solving the blocks, in turn making the hash algorithm stronger.

MCX offers the strongest blockchain in the business which has the capacity to help other coins operate on the same blockchain. It is one of the most secure platforms for a cryptocurrency. What makes this blockchain unique is the technology that handles POW and POS simultaneously making all the transactions seamless.

Volatility is a measure of the distribution of returns for a given security or market. Volatility can either be measured by using the divergence or variance between returns from that same security or market; the higher the volatility, the riskier the security.

High volatility is one the biggest disadvantages of cryptocurrencies. It hinders the growth of your digital asset from becoming a means of storage and exchange on the global market. Seasoned traders may get high profits from major exchange margins, yet the risks pertaining to fluctuations in the market scare even the seasoned users and this takes the businesses away from cryptocurrencies. MCX coin manages this in its own unique way, providing its users the peace of owning a stable cryptocurrency, which is accepted worldwide.

The technology that MCX coin has incorporated to handle this problem is unique to just MCX. They've created a technology that automatically studies the market by an algorithm and provides a cap or a threshold to where the coin will not dip or rise exponentially.

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The MCX Blockchain platform is a global public ledger like a social network which will make positive strides in making Cryptocurrency acceptable around the globe in the coming years.

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