New Research On China Toys & Baby Products Retail In Department Stores Released

TJPA released the new annual China department store retail reports on toys and baby products. About 1,000 leading department stores were surveyed.

Recently, China Toy & Juvenile Products Association (TJPA) released the new annual China department store retail reports on toys and baby products. It surveyed about 1,000 leading department stores in China first, second and third tier cities, and made the research on the actual sales of toys and baby products in 2011.

The two reports 2011-2012 Toy Retail in Department Stores and 2011-2012 Baby Products Retail in Department Stores analyzed 750 stores respectively. They examined the stores types, business models for toys & baby products, year-on-year change of selling space and sales amount, average sales per square meter, as well as best selling brands and their store coverage rates.

Findings of the reports include:
Baby Products:
-25% of stores have baby products selling space of over 500sqm in 2011, 7% higher than that of 2010.
-In 2012, more stores report that their toy selling spaces had increased over the past year (26%) than in 2011(19%).
-In 2011, 82% of stores revealed their annual sales amount of baby products had increased over the past year
-14% of the stores have average baby products sales of over RMB40, 000 per square meter in 2011, 9% higher than that of 2010.
-The top 5 best-selling car seat brands are Goodbaby, Combi, Chicco, Angel and Aprica.
-The most covered domestic and international brands of baby stroller/walker in the surveyed stores are Goodbaby and Combi, coverage rates are 67% and 35% respectively.
-The stores with annual toy sales of over RMB10 million have increased by 1% in 2011 over 2010.
-18% of the surveyed stores report that their selling spaces for toys have increased in 2012.
-75% of the stores' annual toys sales amounts increased in 2011 over 2010.
-The stores with selling space of 50-100sqm for toys are most efficient, average sales surpassed RMB20, 000 per square meter.
-Toys priced between RMB100-300 are most popular with consumers.
-The top 10 best-selling toy brands are Auldey, Barbie, Lego, Silverlit, Rastar, Fisher Price, Bandai, Auby, Transformers, Goodbaby.
-In average, the toy sales during Spring Festival (Dec.15-Jan.15) accounts for 19% of the store's annual toy sales.

Reports categorized by first, second and third tier cities with specific data and analysis for toys & baby products retail in stores of certain city level are also available.

To obtain a copy of the survey report, please send email to Kent Luo at or call 86-10-66038881 ext.226.

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