New Research: Most People Have 70-80 Passwords

According to research by NordPass, an average person has more passwords than an average pop song has words


​​​​An average person has 70-80 passwords, according to the research by the password manager NordPass. To put this into perspective, 80 words can make up a four-verse poem. Or a pop song. For example, if we don’t count the repetition of the chorus, Blur’s ‘Song 2’ is roughly 70 words long. 

80 passwords is a lot of information to memorize. Earlier this year, NordPass published 200 most common passwords, proving that most people don’t put too much effort into creating a complex password. 

“We now partly understand why people use easy-to-guess passwords — they simply have too many to remember. So there’s no surprise that people use either very easy passwords or have a few and reuse them for all accounts,” says Chad Hammond, a security expert at NordPass.

People also often think they have nothing to hide. “But no one leaves their house unlocked. Even if there’s nothing valuable inside, nobody would like strangers sniffing around. And just imagine them changing the lock. The same applies to your online life. Nobody wants to lose access to their personal accounts, especially paying thousands in ransom afterward,” Chad Hammond, a security expert at NordPass, explains.

To keep digital accounts secure, here are five tips on how to maintain good password hygiene:

1. Go over all the accounts you have and delete the ones you no longer use. If a small, obscure website ends up breached, you might never even hear about it. You can use to check if your email was ever in a breach.

2. Update all your passwords and use unique, complicated ones to safeguard your accounts. Use a password generator to make sure they are impossible to guess. To see if any of your current passwords have ever been exposed online, head over to the NordPass password strength checker.

3. Use 2FA if you can. Whether it’s an app, biometric data, or hardware security key, your accounts will be much safer when you add that extra layer of protection.

4. Set up a password manager. It is a perfect tool for both generating and storing passwords. With a trustworthy manager like NordPass, you will only need to remember one master password and forget about the rest. 

5. Make sure to check your every account for suspicious activities regularly. If you notice something unusual, change your password immediately.

The new research by NordPass was conducted in January 2020 and involved 1500 NordPass users. NordPass is a new-generation password manager secured by powerful xChaCha encryption.


NordPass is a new generation password manager shaped with cutting-edge technology, zero-knowledge encryption, and intuitive design in mind. It securely stores and organizes passwords by keeping them in one place. NordPass was created by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN - one of the most advanced VPN providers in the world:

Source: NordVPN