New Research Finds Attractiveness of Singles Can Be Correlated to Food Choice, Future Fit Report Finds

If singles want to land a hot date for this San Valentine's day, they need to impress with Italian, French or Indian cuisine, according to a new survey of 220 people published by Future Fit Training.

The research, which analyzed 220 answers, also discovered that top French, Indian and Italian cuisine will more likely land singles a hot date, while vegan and fast food are a no-no. Specifically, 55% of respondents said people who attempt to impress them with French cooking are “Sophisticated and Romantic.” On the other side of the Alps, when choosing Italian food, that person becomes “Sexy,” “Romantic” and “could be a good dad,” according to new research from Future Fit Training.

However, some appearances might be deceiving because some great, sophisticated French food, like Duck a l’Orange, might give potential daters the wrong idea about their companion - especially if they are a man.

Apparently, not many women see a great French chef like Jean-Christophe Novelli (head chef at Hell’s Kitchen) as “boyfriend material” because the majority of women suggested that a man who tries too hard to impress with French food is more likely to be judged as “Posh” and “Pretentious.”

Fast food, fried chicken and pineapple on pizza showed the eater will be judged negatively and more likely to be “Lazy,” “Nice, but lacks social skills” and “Complete turn-off.”

For women, impressing a man with Indian food can be a good idea because the majority of men suggested that a woman eating Indian food is “hot and spicy” and “looking for a thrill.” Apparently, according to different research from the University of Pennsylvania, seeking and handling the spice has an affinity with amusement park rides. 

Surprisingly, despite Italian cuisine being rated high, there is one type of food that respondents shouldn’t buy/cook and that’s pizza. If daters attempt to impress with pizza, they are more likely to be judged “a bit in a rush to run to bed.”

The top 5 food types to attract men were:

1.       Italian Cuisine (except for pizza)

2.       Indian

3.       Seafood

4.       Sushi

5.       French Cuisine

The top 5 food types to attract women were:

1.       Italian Cuisine (except for pizza)

2.       Seafood

3.       Vegetarian Dinner

4.       French Cuisine

5.       Sushi

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