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Every website needs quality web services like SEO to succeed in the competition. Today, there are a number of SEO service providers, but you cannot trust every single site out there.

Posted By Bick Bery : Web directory is an indexed search engine where listings are reviewed and approved by humans. Two major web directory types include niche directories and general directories. Sites are listed in a broad category on the general directories. Niche directory on the other hand focuses on specific topics related to a niche.

Surfer friendly web directories have now been replaced by advanced search engines. With the evolution of search engine technology, sites started being optimized and promoted in them. This development has defined a new role for web directories. They are a potential source for one way links. Directories provide excellent quality back links and are therefore search engine friendly.

There are many factors to be considered while choosing a reliable and efficient directory submission service.

The success of a SEO campaign hugely depends on the success of the link building efforts. When the number of the links is high on the high PR and relevant websites, then the chances of high ranking automatically increases in the search engines.

The Important Things -

1. Link Quantity - The high number of links is always useful for link building.

2. Link Quality - When the quality of the pages and sites on which the links are placed is good, it directly affects the popularity of the links and helps drive more traffic.

3. Relativity of Links - When there is relativity between the links and the sites on which they are displayed, the results are better.

4. Link Exchange/Reciprocal Links - Always avoid link exchange/reciprocal links when the Google makes an update.

5. Link Balancing - It is important to balance the listings periodically or it may affect the incoming links.

6. Bulk Links - Never choose the 'bulk links' option as the search engine identify them easily.

7- Paid Links - Using Paid links is ok, but excess of it can actually affect negatively.

Free submission is not really approved by many PR free directory sites as they continue their efforts in baiting you to opt for their paid listing service. It is important to take care identifying the best free directory listing service that is also authentic and reliable.

Many directories on offer are not SEO friendly. It is necessary to take time identifying sites that are efficient and SEO friendly and can help rank your page high on popular search engines.

There are many free directory submission services that offer excellent services backed by expert link submission team. Sites such as diligently keep track of approval rates and ensure that links are removed from directories that do not approve free submissions.

These sites also take care not to submit links to networks that are inefficient and undesirable. They submit your links on choice directory sites that ensure very high ranking and provide the best opportunity to get listed.

Depending on your niche segment, you can opt for submitting your links choosing from clearly defined categories. Choose the most reliable free directory submissions service to popularise your links and drive vital traffic to your site to enhance business growth.

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