New Release: '21 ALDGATE' by Patricia Friedberg, a Classic Tale of Love and War Set in London, England

This second edition of '21 ALDGATE,' released by Newman Springs Publishing, is bringing back Patricia Friedberg's hit novel from 12 years ago. A love story set during one of the most tumultuous times in history; a compelling story, that will resonate with fans old and new.

British-born author Patricia Friedberg vividly portrays in her book "21 ALDGATE" the political and social climate in London in the 1930s & 1940s that preempted the buildup to the Second World War. In light of the current events of today, she returned to that original release and found the themes therein were more pertinent to today's society than ever before. With that in mind, "21 ALDGATE" is re-released to reach new readers and provide old fans a chance to return to this story and its relevance to current events. 

Based on true-life characters and events, "21 ALDGATE" is a story of love and war that bears witness to the prejudice, bias, aggression and propaganda that influenced British society. 

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Patricia Friedberg's "21 ALDGATE" follows Clara Simon, who upon witnessing a pattern of outright anti-Semitism, leaves her job in a London East End Law firm, and by a chance encounter, accepts a position to work with the French artist Paul Maze in the writing of his memoir of WWI, daring to bridge the enormous gap between London's Chelsea and the East End, a distance of only a few miles, yet in the 1930s, a social and class divide virtually impossible to imagine, let alone cross. Despite both being married, the relationship with Maze takes a romantic turn as events across Europe begin to lead to what was to become World War II, and Clara is forced to make decisions that may put both her new love and her very life in peril. As the entire country finds itself gearing up for a battle it may not win, Clara must decide what is most important for her and uphold what she knows to be right, despite what may come.

Readers who wish to experience this exciting work can purchase "21 ALDGATE" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. 

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