New Public Safety Solution Helps Over 100 Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies Comply With New Contact and Use of Force Reporting Requirements

CitizenContact by SmartForce

Law enforcement agencies across the country are facing hiring challenges, rising crime rates, and new reform measures such as Colorado's Senate Bill 217. SmartForce®, a technology company based in Colorado, has been providing evidence-based solutions to law enforcement since 2015 and has created tools to meet these new challenges. The Colorado law enforcement deadline for implementing new reforms under SB217 is April 1, and the CitizenContact by SmartForce® application is approved by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice to meet state reporting requirements.

CEO and Founder Mariano Delle Donne envisioned the integral role SmartForce technology would play in proactive policing of the future when he founded the company. He said, "The public wants their communities kept safe in an equitable and sustainable manner. Law enforcement organizations can leverage software and data to increase safety and engage the public in constructive dialogue." Well over 100 Colorado agencies signed onto using CitizenContact since the end of 2021.

Policing data currently is not collected reliably and consistently. For example, the National Use of Force Data Collection was created to compile better data on the use of force but is voluntary for agencies and only has about 27% participation. On the local level, agencies and leaders who want more information to reflect and improve on their practices often lack the resources and tools to do so in a comprehensive manner.

Chris Arvayo, Head of Product Research of SmartForce, and former law enforcement, said, "We expect that a clear data-driven picture will emerge from CitizenContact data, enabling law enforcement and their communities to better work together." To face the current challenges of policing with integrity, law enforcement has an opportunity to equip themselves with new tools of accountability and transparency.

Source: SmartForce Technologies, Inc.

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