New Program Urban Edge Provides Mentorship Immersion for Young Adults in Denver

New therapeutic program launches. Urban Edge is a residential and community based  mentorship immersion experience for young adults who are looking for a strategic way to push their lives forward.

Urban Edge (UE) has officially launched as a residential and community based mentorship program for young adults between 18-28 seeking personal and professional growth. With an 8-capacity residence in the heart of Denver’s River North Arts District, UE provides day-to-day and professional mentorship opportunities for on-campus and off-campus clients looking for a strategic way to push their lives forward. 

Mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities used to be a norm. Urban Edge fills a gap as today’s young adults struggle with apathy, lack of direction and stagnancy. UE provides mentorship support for young adults no matter their place in life. With city life, day-to-day support, professional placement, skills/interest assessment, therapy, community and outdoor opportunities, clients intrinsically learn the value of goal oriented, healthy and self-sufficient living.

Clay Garrett and Andrew Moskovitz founded Urban Edge knowing adults need like the place they become personally and professionally established.  UE is gaining attention as the “un-program” based on the high degree of personalization and lack of programmatic phases in a city filled with opportunities.

“Being the “un-program” is a substantial challenge—easy to sell and tough to implement,” says Clay. “Everyone’s structure looks different.  There are different schedules, different apprenticeships and different goals.  We are willing to do what other programs shy from, the edge, and that transitional cusp is crucial for success.“

UE offers various levels of support, both on-campus and off campus. 

1) The On-Campus package offers residential housing and all meals, with an appropriately structured environment and overnight staff. Clients use campus as their base of operations, branching into the city for classes, jobs, apprenticeships/internships, therapy sessions, community outreach, and entertainment. The residence is a large, furnished, contemporary home set up in college dorm style, with all of the amenities associated with city living. 

2) The Off-Campus package is for clients already self-sufficient and looking for mentorship and connected opportunities in the city. In this phase of support, clients have jobs, pay for their own apartment, and provide their own groceries/supplies. They continue their weekly therapy sessions, and have the same mentorship support/ access as with the On-Campus package. 

Additionally, UE offers psychiatry services, family workshops, and destination travel. 

If you would like more information about Urban Edge, please call 1.800.960.3185 to speak with Clay or Andrew.

About Urban Edge 

Urban Edge is a residential and community based  mentorship immersion experience for young adults who are looking for a strategic way to push their lives forward. We help clients become intrinsically successful, professionally inspired, and self-sufficient all at the same time.  

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