New Program Lets People Beat the Applicant Tracking System

Innovator launches "Complete Career Change Program™" Kickstarter project. After successfully placing and coaching thousands of clients into career elevating positions, Dr. Karen Gurney wants to take her work to a new level.

After successfully placing and coaching thousands of clients into career elevating positions, Dr. Karen Gurney wants to take her work to a new level.

Employers use new computerized systems designed to eliminate qualified applicants called applicant tracking systems. These systems are a resume black hole. Dr. Karen Gurney has a way to beat the system and Kickstarter is helping her do that.

Donors that pledge one dollar get Dr. Gurney’s tips to beat the system and all funds go to the development of The Complete Career Change Program™. She is also offering different levels of services at a great discount in order to show more people the benefits of the program.

This is not your average job placement program.

Dr. Gurney’s approach is based on hiring psychology, ten years of placement and change management services elevating her clients to better roles and extensive doctoral research on inconsistencies in modern hiring software programs.

“I applied for jobs for nearly two years after layoffs and batted out consistently until I started working with Dr. Gurney’s methods,” said client, Cleveland, Ohio. “I completely believe in the Complete Career Change Program™ and recommend it to others.”

So how does it work, exactly?

“Knowing the faults in applicant tracking systems (algorithms and programming) and working around them gives my clients a huge advantage in getting in the door for review by humans in the first place. Solving for the applicant tracking system also solves for other problems allowing a candidate’s real talents to be revealed,” said Dr. Karen Gurney, Career IQ Director, Strategic Development.

The science and research together allow program users to learn how to address common red flags like being overqualified, having gaps in a resume, and explaining terminations by building algorithm-friendly applications.

Since most current clients are in the Midwest, Dr. Gurney wanted to offer her services to a larger population as so many people struggle with similar job application issues; especially if they want to make a big change from a current role.

Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing and the funding deadline is September 17, 2014.

Pledge to support this unique program and move up the corporate ladder today; at a fraction of her regular rates!

Ready to make a change? Check it out now here and do your part to elevate your career:

About Dr. Karen Gurney: She studied Workforce and Economic Development (Ph.D.) and Business Administration (MBA) at Cleveland State University and currently works as a career coach with clients throughout the United States, and is based in Cleveland, Ohio. She regularly performs her keynote “The Two Aspects of Human Psychology Killing Great Hires” to professional groups and universities and recently spoke to Society of Human Resource members about applicant tracking system inconsistencies. Her coaching skills and experience, doctoral research, entrepreneurial savvy, and experience in workforce development prepares her well to continue her efforts with the Complete Career Change Program™.

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About Complete Career Change Program

The Complete Career Change Program™ is a new solution to overcome the Applicant Tracking Systems.

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