New Production Studio to Provide Christian Film and Media in Charlotte, NC

New film and television production company, C3 Studios, to provide comprehensive production services to the Charlotte, NC region, as well as the development and production of films and projects targeted toward a Christian market.

After six years of being co-owners of ReelWorks Studios, Rick Eldridge and Chris Cates have announced that they are branching off to pursue separate, niche areas of interest in the entertainment industry. The historic, Silver Hammer Studios building, which formerly housed ReelWorks, is now C3 Studios, of which Mr. Cates is Founder and CEO. Mr. Cates completed the transition for C3 in early March of this year and the company is scheduled to start pre-production on two films starting this spring.

C3 will continue to provide comprehensive production and post-production services in film and television to Charlotte and the overall media community - as well as the development and production of films and projects targeted toward a Christian market. The creative and technical expertise of the staff encompasses all facets of film and television production and post-production, including: visual effects and CGI animation, sound design and recording production, motion graphics and web design, and more. C3 Studios specializes in fluidly translating the heart of their client's message into an engaging portrayal on screen - whether that be in film, television, or interactive content on an iPad.

"As a production company, our mission is to produce compelling experiences in film and television using state-of-the-art technology that reveal the power of Jesus Christ to restore, heal, and transform - within the context of real-life stories. This is woven into the fabric of all we do at C3. We are dedicated to passionately live out these values through providing uncompromising service, care, and creativity," stated Cates.

Eldridge and Cates have been partners since the founding of ReelWorks Studios in 2009 and have collaborated on the production of several feature films, such as The Ultimate Gift (2006), Trinity Goodheart (2011), The Shunning (2011), The Confession (2013) and The Ultimate Life (2013), among others. Eldridge - a gifted producer with over 30 years in the entertainment industry - retains the ReelWorks banner and has relocated his offices to the Ballantyne area of Charlotte. He plans to focus on the production of programs he has in development and looks forward to collaborating with C3 on future projects. Both Eldridge and Cates agree that this strategic business move will align them for an increase of growth opportunities in the entertainment industry.

To learn more about C3 Studios, please visit

Christen J. McGuire, Chief Communications Officer
Phone: (704) 601-7777