New Product Release- Learner Dashboard Launched for Cloud Learning Management System in Office 365

Immersion Technology Services and partner ELEARNINGFORCE release the new Learner Dashboard for LMS365, the learning management system in the cloud. Track progress, motivate and reward your employees and drive company learning.

Immersion Technology Services is pleased to introduce the Learner Dashboard for LMS365, the cloud-based learning management system in Office 365. The new addition to the award-winning LMS365 suite includes a Leader Board and other unique features designed to create a friendly, yet competitive environment to motivate employees. The goal is to delivering gamified learning to drive individual and team training objectives and encourage users to get involved in self-directed learning and professional development.

The Learner Dashboard will provide users with a personalized overview of their progress within the organization, as well as providing ease-of-access to training opportunities and certificates.  Customers will be able to:

·        Track course progress and completion

·        Track the certificates attained  

·        Reward and motivate your learners through the Leader Board, which shows the ranking of Top 10 learners

·        Keep track of Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

·        Configuration to show only what you need

The Learner Dashboard will be available to all LMS365 users. Take a look at the informative video for more information:

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ELEARNINGFORCE products bring effective learning management to SharePoint® and Office 365®. SharePoint LMS and LMS 365 blend seamlessly with any established SharePoint® infrastructure, eliminating complex integration, time-consuming development, and unwanted complexity. Learners intuitively access learning plans, courses, personal progress reports, certificates, and more - from anywhere within the daily SharePoint business process.

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