New Prices, New Philosophy, & New Locations Kickoff The New Year For HSBCAMPS

America's Fastest Growing Youth Basketball Initiative Returns In 2012 Bigger & Better Than Ever

HSBCAMPS is back at it again. Three years, 2,500 athletes, and more than 40,000 miles later, and the country's fastest growing youth basketball initiative has kicked off the New Year bigger and better than ever. New locations, reduced pricing, and a new philosophy precede what is sure to be the group's biggest undertaking to date.

Following a record breaking summer season, company leaders announced big changes were forthcoming in 2012, as the group would part ways with Hot Shot Basketball, the name it's carried for nearly three years, and begin a new chapter in their story. "When this program was founded back in 2008, I don't think anyone including myself could have imagined or even fathomed the journey we were about to embark on," shared HSBCAMPS Director Carson Sofro. "Although Hot Shot Basketball represented us and represented us well, it didn't characterize the brand, the culture, and the message we were trying to deliver to kids all over the world. It was time for a change." Two months and hundreds of ideas later, the company has found that message - "Hard Work, Sacrifice, & Believe that anything is possible." More than something sport specific, "Hard Work, Sacrifice, & Believe" represents a lifestyle brand and a positive message that HSB'S staff of dozens of collegiate and professional players and coaches hope to convey to a new generation of aspiring young student athletes all over the country.

With 2012 operations already underway, HSBCAMPS message, curriculum, and continuing drive to educate are not to be missed. Unveiling new locations from the state of Washington to deep in the heart of Texas, stay tuned for an HSBCAMPS dribbling into an area near you. For more information on the staff, locations, the program, or to register for one of HSBCAMPS youth basketball camps, visit