New Political Science Conference Planned in Response to Academic Bias

ISI's inaugural AMERICAN POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT SUMMIT will assemble academics committed to liberty and the pursuit of truth in 2022

In response to a recent decision to sideline the Claremont Institute's panels at an annual gathering of political scientists, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) has announced today that it will host the American Politics and Government Summit (APG Summit) in the fall of 2022. This Summit will bring together scholars to participate in dialogue focused on emerging research—rooted in timeless principles— in the fields of politics, philosophy, and economics.

ISI has been dedicated to promoting the values of real education to students and faculty since 1953. ISI's first president, William F. Buckley Jr., believed that the true purpose of education was not to serve a political agenda but to enable the pursuit of wisdom and to cultivate virtuous citizens. 

In that spirit, the APG Summit will facilitate discussion and debate rooted in the pursuit of academic excellence. The Summit will be held on Oct. 28-29, 2022 at the Linda L. Bean Conference Center at ISI's F.M. Kirby Campus, located in Delaware's idyllic Brandywine Valley. ISI broke ground on the Center in June 2021.

ISI President and CEO Johnny Burtka said: "The education that we provide our students is only as good as our professors who teach them. Recent decisions to sideline academics who dissent from the accepted range of orthodoxy in modern higher education show that the vast majority of scholarship in America today is fundamentally unserious in nature. Our professors need alternatives. In the fall of 2022, ISI will provide one."

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Source: Intercollegiate Studies Institute