New Podcast Series: Two Men Talking Sparks Controversial Conversations

Two Men Talking: Controversial Conversations That Never End, a new podcast series, is set to launch on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Created by two gentlemen named Stanley and Fred, the podcast promises a refreshing and thought-provoking listen for men, women, and anyone "in-between" from ages 20 to 100 -anyone who loves living life to the fullest.

In their first episode, Stanley and Fred explore whether Women Have Replaced Men With Dogs. Other upcoming episodes will tackle topics from:

  • Can Men and Women Have Purely Platonic Relationships?
  • Can You Be Alone Without Being Lonely?
  • Is Chivalry Dead?
  • Resetting Your Life Following Death and Divorce
  • Moving Forward: The Differences Between Traditional Vs. Contemporary Dating
  • Does Walking Do More Than Keep the Devil From the Door?
  • Is Time Your Enemy?

About Two Men Talking Podcast

With more than 160 years of combined life experiences, Stanley and Fred offer listeners a candid and relatable perspective on dating, relationships, women, and even life's impossibilities. To listen to the podcast and learn more about Stanley and Fred, visit their website at

Source: Two Men Talking Podcast