New Podcast 'Seeking Wealth' Now Available on iTunes

The Seeking Wealth podcast covers all things personal finance and investing with a bend toward asset class and index fund investing.

The Seeking Wealth Podcast

Seeking Wealth, a new podcast show that discusses all things personal finance and investing has just been released and is available to listeners on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

“I believe that the investment advice and guidance that most people receive is typically not in their best interests and is often plagued with high-cost investment products, stock tips, bias and personal opinions or the latest market trends and fads,” said Scott Salaske, CEO of Firstmetric and host of the Seeking Wealth podcast.

The Seeking Wealth podcast discusses personal finance and investment-related topics using a simplified approach to explain complex subject matters, all while speaking in everyday language that investors can understand. At times the show will feature guests to discuss specific areas of personal finance and investing important to individual investors.

The most recent episode features common investment mistakes that investors make and may not even realize it. These mistakes could be costing investors unnecessary investment fees and costs and could potentially jeopardize their long-term investment success. The show explains each mistake and attempts to explain how investors can easily correct and avoid the mistakes.

With the stock market at all-time highs, the first episode of Seeking Wealth features why now is the perfect time to be thinking about rebalancing an investment portfolio back to its target asset allocation strategy along with reassessing the investment goals for the portfolio.

Fans of the Seeking Wealth podcast can contact Scott Salaske via email at to provide feedback, ideas and even ask a question that might make it onto an episode of the podcast.

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About The Seeking Wealth Podcast

The Seeking Wealth podcast is a podcast from Firstmetric. Firstmetric is a full-service, low-cost investment advisory firm offering complete investment management and personalized advice including: initial and ongoing financial reviews, asset allocation and investment selection, cash flow planning and guidance, rebalancing, and tax strategies; from humans, not computers. Firstmetric specializes in using low-cost asset class and index fund investment strategies.

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Scott Salaske, CEO
Firstmetric, LLC
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Firstmetric is a full-service, low cost investment advisory firm offering complete investment management and personalized advice specializing in asset class and index funds from Vanguard, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA Funds) and iShares.

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Scott Salaske
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