New Pet Tech Startup Changes the Way People Book Pet Care Appointments

Barkocity Launches National Online Ordering For Pet Services

Connects Pet Owners with Service Providers; Handles Appointment Booking, Payment

Barkocity, the popular social media pet blogger, announced today that it is launching a new service connecting pet owners with local Pet Businesses. allows pet owners to browse local menus and book appointments

The site allows pet owners to book appointments and pay online, choosing services directly from the business' menu.  It eliminates calling and waiting on hold to make pet appointments as well as the time previously required to research different options and prices.  The site also includes reviews and photos from service providers.

“We’re modernizing ordering in the Pet Service industry and helping small businesses along the way,” said Nathaniel Bernardo, President of Barkocity.  “The reality is that pet owners are time-starved today, just like everyone else. They want the absolute best for the animals they love, but if they can save some time and get greater convenience, that’s a win-win for everyone, right?”

Barkocity is devoted to providing pet owners with an easy to use ordering system. Site user will know what pet businesses are in their local area and the prices they charge. Services include Dog Walking, Boarding, Pet Sitting, Training, Doggy Daycare, Grooming & Veterinary office visits.  Consumers no longer have to wait to pay after their service is complete since they already did through Barkocity.  The site enables users to skip the checkout and save time. 

Best of all, with each order, Barkocity donates a meal to feed a hungry dog in need.  If everyone ordered Pet Services through Barkocity we could make a serious impact for pets in need. 

Barkocity is optimized for mobile and desktop browsers.  To use the service visit and simply select a service and enter your zip code.

About Barkocity

Barkocity connects pet owners with local pet businesses. We offer online ordering where customers can order directly from business' custom menu's. We're modernizing the way pet services are ordered.

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