New Pet Insurance Alternative Looks to Save Families Money

Pet insurance in American has become a big business but many families still find it a struggle with the cost, deductibles, and payment schedules they have. EZ Pet Check is looking to change that with a nationwide pet insurance alternative that provides a low-cost solution to pet insurance in the United States. 

EZ Pet Check has been providing local services in select cities throughout the U.S. since 2014 but on Aug. 1, it launched its network nationwide. “Every day, the cost of veterinarian care seems to rise, Pet owners want the best care for their fur family but often times are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to the financial aspect. Insurance is great for them to have but if they haven’t met their deductible or if it isn’t a covered service, then they are still left with the tough decisions on how to care for their loved one. Their pets are their family and they deserve the best care possible,” said Josh Winget EZ Pet Check founder.

EZ Pet Check is a nationwide emergency care membership that takes the guesswork out of what will be covered. Members pay for all routine care and they have EZ Pet Check as emergency coverage for when the unexpected does happen. Many members may never have to use their membership to cover an emergency, but for the ones who do need it, they don’t have to stress over how much will be covered.

Many families simply cannot cover a single pet emergency because of treatment costs. For only $9.95 per cat and $14.95 per dog per month, EZ Pet Check will cover all emergencies up to the member's available emergency billing limit. All members with them initially receive an emergency billing limit of $3,000, which goes to its maximum of $7,500 after six months of membership. It is a very affordable way for families to know that their pets can be taken care of financially in the event an emergency ever does occur, without deductibles and procedure payment schedules. 

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EZ Pet Check is a Nationwide Emergency Care Membership. Members are able to use any Veterinarian in the U.S. and payment can be sent directly to the Veterinarian if they allow, Otherwise Members are reimbursed for covered care.

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