New Oregon Company Hopes To Help Medical Marijuana Users

SCBC, a new Oregon Company, hopes to help medical marijuana smokers avoid the cough caused by smoking from a dirty pipe. Their product, SCBC, removes waterpipe resin in less than a minute. Photo demonstration available at

Medical marijuana smokers need to clean their pipes daily, or they develop a cough. SCBC, a new Oregon company, is hoping to help those medicinal smokers to quiet that cough with an easy-to-use waterpipe cleaner.

Until now, cleaning a medical marijuana pipe has been a long, filthy process. Most smokers quickly give up on over-the-counter liquid cleaners because they don't stay mixed. That leaves home cleaning methods requiring hours of soaking, scraping and boiling. Before long, most smokers are going days, or even weeks, without cleaning their pipes, and that's unhealthy.

This week SCBC unveiled its innovative new waterpipe cleaner to the medical marijuana industry. Their product, also known as SCBC, is a dry powder that patients simply mix with rubbing alcohol. One container is enough to make one gallon of cleaner, but because it is mixed up only as needed, patients get a consistent cleaning fluid every time.

And, SCBC removes burnt-on resin in less than a minute. Each waterpipe cleaning kit includes a plastic applicator that the patient uses for mixing and injecting the cleaner into the pipe's openings. For further information, including a photo demonstration on proper waterpipe cleaning, visit SCBC sells to medical marijuana clubs, dispensaries, stores and individuals.

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