New Non-Profit Organization Gives Grants to Amazon Employees in Need

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Amazon Offsets, a new non-profit organization, gives consumers the opportunity to help Amazon employees in need. Using a model based loosely on the concept of carbon offsets, Amazon shoppers can donate to Amazon Offsets, which, in turn, gives grants to Amazon employees in need. The idea for Amazon Offsets came to Founder Kirsten Burkhart when she found herself working from home while taking care of her bedridden husband. 

As Burkhart explains, "Like most people, I knew that I should shop at small, locally-owned businesses, but the reality was that I couldn't. I began to order everything from cat food to shampoo from Amazon, but the more I heard about the company's troublesome history of employee relations, the more conflicted I began to feel." 

Amazon Offsets, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, enables those shoppers to make voluntary, tax-deductible donations through the organization's website, which will then be used to make grants to Amazon employees facing financial difficulties.

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Amazon Offsets is a non-profit organization that mitigates the harm done by shopping at Amazon by making grants to Amazon employees.

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