New Naturopathic Office and Website Brings Hope To Jefferson, Ohio Residents

Natural health expert, Dr. Jeff Crenshaw, brings hope to those looking for authentic natural health and vitality.

Residents in and around Jefferson, Ohio are being offered a great alternative to Wellness. Accomplished Health Coach and Naturopathic Doctor, Jeff Crenshaw ND, opens new offices and website designed to help those looking to improve their health and happiness. He will see clients at his office and he will also make HOUSE CALLS, and group visits in your place of choice even long distances. 

Dr. Crenshaw has announced that he will launch his groundbreaking health and wellness program and website ( on July 10, 2014. As a Health Coach and Naturopathic Doctor he will offer persons within driving distance of Jefferson, Ohio a personalized program, tailored specially to meet each person’s unique health and wellness needs. Dr. Crenshaw implements a wellness service that will improve the health and wellness of the persons who decide to follow a program bio-individually designed, tailored specifically for the individual. Dr. Crenshaw ND says each person is unique and the approach to their wellness must be unique as well! Helping you maintain your wellness and good health is also a big part of Dr. Crenshaw’s wellness programs.   

People are being encouraged to explore Dr. Crenshaw's website to learn more: You may make appointments online or call (440) 969-3560. Consultations with Dr. Crenshaw are by appointments only (sorry no walk-ins) and will take place in his office at 1478 Rt. 46 North, Building B in Jefferson, Ohio.

Jeff Crenshaw, Naturopath, ND

Describing his approach to helping people improve their health and wellness as well as their overall happiness, Dr. Crenshaw says his program focuses on creating health and vitality by allowing the body to heal itself naturally. “I will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are necessary for you,” the Health and Naturopathic doctor explains. “Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance,” Dr. Crenshaw adds.

Dr. Crenshaw is emphasizing that the natural health approach he brings to the people of Jefferson, Ohio is not a mere fad, but will be based on professional expertise.  He says knowing where you are right now in health and what your specific challenges are and the recommendations given will be arrived at “through bio-individuality, through scientific testing to find out where your body health and wellness is.”  Dr. Crenshaw explains that he will “tailor a specific, all natural, holistic program based on the results of that test, which reveals what your body’s specific needs are right at that specific moment in real time. This sort of testing is very unique to Dr. Crenshaw. As far as is known, there is only one other wellness practitioner in the state of Ohio trained in this form of testing. You will not get this very important information about your body from anyone else in the local area. You cannot get to where you want to go, without knowing where you are first. Otherwise it’s just guess work. 

While Dr. Crenshaw is eager to serve everyone, he says the clients whom he will truly be able to help are “people who desire the truth about foods and wellness; those who are done with the fads!”  According to Dr. Crenshaw, the program is for people who want to make positive changes in their lives, help themselves look and feel great and gain more energy and mental clarity.  Dr. Crenshaw says the program will also help people lose weight. The service also includes preventative wellness for people who want to maintain their good health.   

Meanwhile, Dr. Crenshaw is cautioning people against the random implementation of fads and fad diets, the use of various herbs and products in the name of natural, holistic lifestyle or alternative medicine. “One person’s cure is another person’s poison, he cautions.  “By just trying things at random, you could cause more harm than good,” you must be tested to know where you are before you start a course Dr. Crenshaw warns.