New Music: Jai - Bangles N Heels

From The New York Performing Arts Academy comes a 9 year old with a ton of talent and attitude to match.

Surprise singles have become a popular new marketing tactic in the music sphere, and the music community seems to be taking advantage of it more often than any other genre, with fresh faces springing new sounds out of thin air fairly regularly.

This month a talented new student of the New York Performing Arts Academy released such a single:  Jai: Bangles N Heels.

It's hard to believe that it's nine-year-old pipes rapping about "I got my bangles and my heels, you know I keep it real" on this sassy tune. Although Jai sounds just a bit older than she actually is, the song is fine for tweens, with its message of self-confidence. Be prepared to hear your kids singing "I got my bangles and my heels" about a million times a day, but rest assured, it's an action of strength, confidence, and pint-sized girl power.

Jai: Bangles N Heels is available anywhere digital music is sold.


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