New Monkey Charity-Focused NFT Community Partners With Leading Environmental Advocacy Group

Conservation NFT Launch: Tiki Monkeys Partners With Paso Pacifico for Monkey Conservation in El Salvador and Throughout Central America

Tiki Monkeys

For this up and coming Earth Day, April 22, 2022, Tiki Monkeys, a new monkey charity-focused NFT (Non-Fungible Token) community, is going to start minting 10,000 unique art NFTs and donate 20 percent of the proceeds directly to Paso Pacifico, a nonprofit working to protect critically endangered monkeys in El Salvador and throughout Central America.

Tiki Monkeys, a new NFT community, is partnering with Paso Pacifico.

The Tiki Monkeys believes in using art to connect, increase awareness, and inspire people to build a community that together will drive improvements in conservation of monkeys. 

The Presale will begin March 22 and 50 percent of the 300 NFT proceeds will go to Paso Pacifico to help with the conservation of monkeys. The Public Release will be on Earth Day, April 22, where there will be a collection of 10,000 randomly generated Tiki Monkeys NFTs. 20 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Paso Pacifico. Additionally, 3 percent of secondary market sales will be donated to Paso Pacifico in perpetuity.

The Tiki Monkeys NFT project was created by Karl Post, a crypto fanatic since 2017. With 30 plus years of software development experience, he decided to put purpose behind the NFT movement and help drive change by connecting with Paso Pacifico to help with the charity efforts they are doing in El Salvador and throughout Central America.

"The launch of Tiki Monkeys supporting this charity is the only way we could imagine joining the NFT community. It's important that we're transparent and communicative with how we're supporting monkey conservation, so we couldn't be happier that we're donating proceeds from our mint directly to Paso Pacifico," says Post, Tiki Monkeys Creator.

About Tiki Monkeys: Tiki Monkeys is a friendly NFT community focused on helping monkey conservation charities. We believe huge movements are made up of tiny steps. With the support of the Tiki Monkeys community, we will help drive change in how NFTs can make a difference.

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About Paso Pacifico: Paso Pacifico has worked since 2005 to protect spider monkeys, sea turtles, and other species with broad habitat needs in Central America. Its mission is to protect biodiversity where people already live, and to involve and empower local people. Their holistic, forward-looking methods incorporate science to help nature and people thrive together. Their programs have planted over 1 million trees, released over 100,000 sea turtles, increased the local populations of spider monkeys and other critically endangered species, helped start dozens of local eco-businesses, and taught over 1,000 children to help save the planet.

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About Tiki Monkeys

Tiki Monkeys is a collection of 10,000 NFT monkeys that love to wear Hawaiian Shirts and Tiki Masks.