New Mobile Storage Business Launches in Chicago

Mobile Storage Solutions is a new local company providing convenient moving and storage services to residents in the Greater Chicago area

Residents in Chicago can now take advantage of flexible storage and moving services through Mobile Storage Solutions. The owners are eager to bring affordable and convenient moving and storage options to customers in the region. 

The service incorporates three steps to help customers handle moves with ease and to provide peace of mind:

  1. Get it and pack it: Customers receive a portable storage unit to fill with their belongings
  2. Store it: Customers can keep the pod-style storage unit at their home or a warehouse until they're ready to move in 
  3. Move it: The company picks up the storage unit and delivers it to the new Chicago location 

"After moving nearly 10 times over the span of 25 years, we became all too familiar with the stress and hassle of the moving experience. Big moving trucks are difficult to pack and stressful to drive, professional movers are expensive, and portable storage has numerous fees that quickly add up," said Dave Fuss, the Owner of Mobile Storage Solutions. "So we set out to create a better solution. One that was convenient, lower stress and, most importantly, affordable."

Mobile Storage Solutions is serving the Greater Chicago Area because of the owner's humble beginnings in the Midwest. The family behind the local operation has its roots in this part of the country, and they were eager to move back to where it all began, starting a business in the city of Chicago. 

As a locally owned and operated business, the individuals behind Mobile Storage Solutions are optimistic about the future growth opportunities for the brand. They also look forward to giving back to the community through affordable services and volunteering. Mobile Storage Solutions lends its time to school fundraiser events in the area and attends town volunteer days to support the community it serves. 

Mobile Storage Solutions prides itself on providing a high level of customer service. Anyone contacting the company for assistance is assured they won't be forwarded to a national call center. Instead, all customers speak to a local customer service representative who handles their concerns or questions with a personal touch, reflecting the company's family values. 

Mobile Storage Solutions advertises lower prices for customers looking to move or store their belongings because it is able to keep overhead costs to a minimum by operating only locally. The company promises prices that are half that of their notable competitors. Mobile Storage Solutions' pricing begins at just $150, significantly lower than the average cost of moving in 2021, which was around $1,500. 

The company looks forward to supporting the local economy by hiring drivers and customer service representatives as the brand grows. Mobile Storage Solutions thanks all of its customers who know that choosing a local service means better customer care and an overall improved moving experience.

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