NEW: Medical Grade CBD Infused Skin Care Products, From Dermesse

Licensed Wholesale Drug Distributor offers CBD infused topical skin care brand - DERMESSE

Dermesse CBD infused skin care

Axia Medical Solutions LLC, a California licensed Wholesale Drug Distributor, has launched the first medical grade skin care products containing cannabidiol (CBD). This new line of products was created by taking their existing physician based Dermesse products and infusing them with high-quality CBD. Their water-soluble CBD is free of any THC which is the psychoactive component found in hemp.

Axia Medical created this line due to all the positive reviews concerning the benefits of topically applied CBD creams which range from anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to pain relief and anti-aging claims. The inclusion of CBD helps add another level of efficacy to the already well-known benefits of the Dermesse brand.

Even though medical marijuana and CBD products have been prevalent in the news lately, the acceptance in the market for CBD products has been slow due to consumer concerns of safety. According to James Krulisky, President and CEO, “consumers are skeptical because of all the CBD products that are on the market and that these products might be mislabeled, not tested, provide minimal information, or produced and distributed by questionable sources. Axia Medical’s credibility as a licensed Wholesale Drug Distributor, has removed all these concerns. The Dermesse CBD has been rigorously tested, is safe for topical use, protected from oxidation in airless pumps, will not create a 'high,' and is not addicting.”

This new formulation of CBD infused products will add to the already extensive line of Dermesse products which include prescription drugs, OTC drugs, and cosmetics. Axia maintains the highest standards and validates every aspect of the manufacturing process, ensures compliance with all state and federal regulations, and provides documentation on their website.

About Axia Medical Solutions: Axia Medical Solutions was formed in 2003 as a specialty pharmaceutical company providing prescription-strength drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and cosmetic skin care products to the medical professional community under the brand name, Dermessetm. Axia Medical is a California licensed Wholesale Drug Distributor, maintains distributor licenses throughout the USA, and is accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy VAWD program. Please visit us at or call 866-494-4466. 


James Krulisky

President & CEO


Source: Axia Medical Solutions

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Axia Medical Solutions, formed in 2003, is a licensed Wholesale Drug Distributor of prescription strength, over-the-counter, and cosmetic topical skin care products which are supplied to medical professionals under the Dermesse brand.

James Krulisky
President & CEO, Axia Medical Solutions
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