New Marketing Book to Help Millions of Life Coaches Connect With Over 200 Million Americans

Helping the 95% of life and health coaches who earn less than $500 a year go from coaching part-time to full-time.

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With over two million coaches in America, most have only one-two clients and don't earn more than $500 per year. Combined, obesity and depression affect over 200 million Americans every year - and coaches can help eliminate many of those challenges. That is why marketing expert and entrepreneur Theo Bill, founder of CoachingMBA, wrote his latest book, Coaching Leads Formula.  

According to Mr. Bill, "Coaches love to help others, but don't know how to get consistent clients - and too many people are still suffering. Eventually, the coaches get discouraged and stop coaching." In the book, Mr. Bill explains that you "don't have to be on Instagram or TikTok every day" in order to attract clients. In fact, if you follow his formula, coaches get to do more of what they love. 

Using his 20+ years of experience in the marketing field, his aim is to get health and life coaches going from coaching part-time to full-time. This is especially important with all the physical and mental health issues currently facing millions across the America.  

Coaching Leads Formula is a quick and easy read with simple exercises to help any coach come up with a proven marketing system so they can focus on their clients rather than sales calls. In just six steps, Coaches of any kind will learn how to connect with their prospective clients easily.   

Peppered throughout the book are anecdotes from his personal life and experience. He uses his years of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship to show how a coach can go from one or two clients to as many as they want.  

His realistic and down-to-earth attitude is a breath of fresh air in an industry fueled by hype and images of fast cars and private jets. Mr. Bill avoids the jargon of "6 Figures" because he believes that's a random number - not a realistic one. "Your full-time number is entirely up to you and your needs," he says. "You could be happy and fulfilled with five clients or 50 - it depends on your coaching model and your financial goals."  

Theo Bill has a deep respect for coaches because they've helped him in his own life. Having worked through severe depression and helping him to drop over 40 pounds, various coaches helped him overcome some of his biggest struggles. "I learned to not only like but love the guy in the mirror - that's my real goal - helping as many people get the same outcome I got from my coaches."

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Coaching Leads Formula: How to go from coaching part-time to full-time using a proven 6-step formula.

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