New Lip Laster Invention Saves Lipstick as Lipstick Sales Begin to Skyrocket Post-Vaccine

As more people begin to remove their mask due to vaccine shots, lipstick is back on the rise, and Lip Laster can help buyers get the most out of their lipstick purchases.

Lip Laster - The Lipstick Extractor and Applicator

Krazy Good Idea, LLC, the makers of  Lip Laster - the revolutionary cosmetic tool that helps consumers get the most out of their lipstick products, this week announced that their lipstick-saving and environmentally conscious invention is available for buyers everywhere.

Considering that approximately 26% of lipstick ends up lodged inside traditional lipstick designs, wasting lipstick and resources along the way, Krazy Good Idea, LLC wanted to create a lipstick device that is agile, efficient, and simple to use.

"More than one-fourth of the lipstick in our traditional lipstick receptacles ends up lodged and stuck, never to be used," said Fred Bethel, founder of Krazy Good Idea, LLC. "That's a lot of product that is lost and thrown out, contributing to our waste footprint around the world. We had an idea to create a new kind of lipstick product that wastes 0% of the lipstick for consumers everywhere."

The Lip Laster works as follows: with a simple push, twist, and pull of the device, consumers are able to save money, avoid waste, and contribute to a greener planet for communities everywhere. Additionally, the life cycle of the lipstick is now extended another few days, or even weeks, depending upon how much lipstick the consumer uses.

The empty lipstick tube can then be properly recycled after it is totally extracted, reducing our carbon footprint while preserving the planet. The team behind the lipstick device believes we should all do our part to leave the planet cleaner than we found it.

"It's time to think smarter when it comes to our consumption, while extending the life of the products we cherish the most," said Bethel. "Lipstick is used by tens of millions of people every day, which means our Lip Laster invention can help to prevent tons of waste pile-up and wasted money. Spread the word, and make your makeup routine more efficient today."

The Lip Laster is a reusable device that can be cleaned after each depleted use and accessed over and over again. Designed to fit all lipstick barrels that are half-an-inch or more in diameter, the Lip Laster is compatible with most major commercial lipsticks. After usage, it's recommended to clean the product with a cotton swab, soap, and water.

Krazy Good Idea has confirmed there will be several more environmentally conscious inventions that they will release in the future. All of their products are designed to solve the common challenges that consumers face with cosmetic products.

For more information, or to extend the life of your lipstick, visit:

Ph: 845.478.5989

Source: Krazy Good Idea, LLC

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