New Line of Products From MyHealthEtc. Now Offers CBG Benefits

The health and wellness retailer, which focuses on all-natural CBD products, is now selling Made By Hemp CBG Oil and CBG/CBD Blend

CBG Benefits

MyHealthEtc., a leading provider of CBD (cannabidiol) goods, expands their inventory with new products that allow consumers to experience CBG benefits firsthand. New to the store: Made By Hemp CBG Oil and CBG/CBD Blend, both of which are high-quality tinctures boasting CBG hemp extract and organic terpenes.

While there is still more research to be done, notable CBG effects that have recently brought this compound to the forefront include its ability to possibly interact with the endocannabinoid system in a way that benefits the body and brain. As for the differences between CBG vs. CBD, CBG (cannabigerol) is found in much smaller quantities than CBD in the industrial hemp plant. This means that it is harder to cultivate, though it’s thought to offer similar benefits and is equally non-intoxicating. CBG is also considered the “mother cannabinoid” of the plant, helping produce other key compounds—including CBD.

Made By Hemp CBG Oil's CBG/CBD Blends are palm oil-free and include 1,000 mg of therapeutic CBG. The company’s CBG strains are sourced right in the USA and are third-party tested to ensure that users get all of the CBG benefits without being exposed to additional unwanted ingredients. The CBG/CBG Blend brings CBD and CBG together for even more therapeutic relief. When combined, both compounds may be enhanced for pronounced benefits. The Blend contains a 50:50 combination of full-spectrum CBD and CBG oil.

Interested readers are invited to shop at MyHealthEtc. today to make a purchase, or contact the team with any additional questions regarding CBG and its benefits, uses, and strains.

About MyHealthEtc

MyHealthEtc. is more than just a CBD store. The family-owned retailer is committed to helping people find safe and effective CBD and CBG products, and only stock top-quality organic products made in the USA. MyHealthEtc. also helps bring awareness to the benefits of CBD and CBG, with online and in-person education and guidance. With a focus on all-natural products, MyHealthEtc. helps ensure that its customers experience the best that CBD and CBG have to offer and that they never have to sacrifice on quality or consistency.

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