New Line of GPS Teen Trackers at Spy Centre Security / Dallas

New technology helps parents of teenagers drivers monitor their driving habits. Parents can now virtually ride along with their kids.

09 By Melissa Dear, Vice President of Spy Centre Security of Dallas, Texas
When to let go and when you still need to know? This is just one of the many hard decisions for parents of teenagers.

The teenage years are full of great learning experiences. Living away from home, becoming independent, making choices and living with the consequences forever....OK who are we kidding??? As a parent, sending your kids off to school can be one of the most gut wrenching, heart breaking, and depressing stages of being a parent. You want to believe that they can make it on their own. Yet you know they still have lapses in judgment, and you want to be there to pick them up when they fall. The employees of Spy Centre Security hear the concerns of teen parents like these every day.
That is why Spy Centre Security has tailored a new product line that allows you to be there with your teenager. At we now sell GPS products starting at just $199. making it possible to get constant updates on your teenagers' car. You can now locate the real time location, receive start and stop reports, log a history of where the car goes, even log the speed of the car. All this information is available for the low monthly cost of a cell phone bill (plans start at just $29.99 monthly). Hopefully you will be pleased with the GPS data and never need to intervene. However if you do need to intervene you will be armed with the data to confront the issues head on.
GPS trackers at Spy Centre Security vary greatly based on performance, price, size, battery life, etc. On line retailers often do not provide the customer service and expertise needed to help you make an informed decision. Spy Centre Security stores in Dallas offer a free consultation with a live security specialist, free product training, face to face product support after the sale. Our tracking products all offer a month to month service plan so you can discontinue service when you want, not when a contract is up.
In addition to GPS tracking, we can also recommend additional products to monitor your teenagers such as audio recording, computer monitoring spyware, cell phone sim card reader, hidden video cameras with built in recorders, and spot tests for drugs and sexual activity, to name just a few.