New Life Cancer Centers Restorative Stem Cell Therapy After Tumor Targeted Immuno-Chemo Therapy Shrink's Tumor

SonataPlus Late Stage Tumor Cancer Treatment followed by Restorative Stem Cell Therapy

Gregory DiRienzo, CEO of New Life Cancer Centers ( announces that its experienced clinical oncologists and stem cell physicians have begun reintroducing cultured autologous bone marrow stem cells back to the patient once  the patient's cancer has been shown to be in full remission and the solid tumor has become fully necrotic, or significantly reduced through administration of SonataPlus, an advanced tumor specific immuno-chemo therapy regime performed by New Life Cancer Center approved physicians.

Restorative stem cell therapy is used by New Life Cancer Center physicians to restore the patient’s overall homeostasis and an immune system that is often compromised by progression of the cancer and/or the administration of protracted conventional cancer therapies.

New Life Cancer Center physicians have administered autologous bone marrow and/or hematopoietic stem cells to over 3,500 patients since 2003. It is well established that a patient’s own bone marrow aspirate contains a trove of healing multipotent stem cells, including mesenchymal, pluripotent, and small embryonic-like stem cells, each offering therapeutic benefits to the patient.  

a patient's autologous stem cells are known to induce direct stimulation and regeneration of the patient’s immune system and invoke important immune surveillance capabilities often adversely affected by conventional cancer therapies, and stimulation of greater T-cell activity through transfer factor, implantation of dendritic cells or dendritic cell vaccines, and passive lymphocyte transfer, etc.

Alan Morell, Creative Management Agency Appointed 

New Life Cancer Centers has appointed Alan Morell, CEO of the internationally recognized Creative Management Agency to develop New Life Cancer Center’s overall growth strategy and market positioning for global cancer patients sectors. The Agency is responsible for an overall marketing strategy, including identifying relevant cancer support associations for media campaigns. Mr. Morell coordinates with hundreds of news affiliates including Fox, MSNBC, and CNBC, among others, for both live appearances and taped interviews. The client list ranges from select individuals in Literary; Broadcast; Sports, Entertainment, the Arts, to Global Corporations.

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