New LearnEQ Emotional and Social Skills Curriculum Provides Ready-to-Teach Lessons as Students Return to Learning

LearnEQ provides emotional intelligence and social skills curriculum packages for elementary and middle school education.

​LearnEQ launched Fundamental Emotional and Social Skills curriculum to provide teachers with lessons they can immediately start teaching whether in-person or virtually. Lessons are complete with activities and assessments designed to engage students and measure learning against curriculum standards. For a limited time, orders for the Master Kit and Teacher’s Edition will automatically include a digital Back-to-Learning Supplement to assist teachers in using the fundamentals of SEL as students transition back to learning in this challenging new environment. 

The curriculum framework is grounded in the core principles of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management) and integrates the important concepts of empathy and how to address bullying. Lessons are flexible so teachers can easily pace instruction or adapt activities based on the unique needs of their school or classroom. 

“We understand the tremendous pressure both educators and virtual or homeschool parents are under as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Debbie McKinnon, Managing Partner of LearnEQ. “To support this need, our LearnEQ team designed a Back-to-Learning Supplement which focuses on the strategies of flexibility, resilience and empathy to help students reflect on the last several months of COVID-19-related social isolation and to transition more smoothly into the new school year.” 

As we begin the new school year, due to COVID-19, educators have the enormous task of trying to create the best back-to-school plan for their district and community with little or no time to expand upon existing curriculum or create new lessons. 

“Now, more than ever, we want to support students and help them build emotional intelligence that will provide them with a solid foundation in the present as well as in the future,” added Patty Treend, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of LearnEQ. Prior to launching LearnEQ, McKinnon and Treend spent much of their careers developing and training adults on the principles of emotional intelligence. The idea of giving kids a head start in this area motivated them to create LearnEQ so today’s youth can be better prepared to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

ABOUT LearnEQ: LearnEQ is a woman-owned, small business comprised of dedicated educators, trainers and parents. LearnEQ develops and provides unique and effective educational materials focused on helping elementary and middle school-age children reach a higher level of emotional intelligence (EQ). LearnEQ partners are driven by the belief that emotional intelligence is the foundation for healthy relationships, unlocks educational potential, and builds lifelong skills. 

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