New LAMPHUS Line Offers Essential Police Siren and PA System For Less

While your department will always require the use of a police siren, emergency equipment lights, and a public address system - Your department does not have to pay full price for quality, anymore. has recently released a new siren an PA system from the LAMPHUS line of quality products. The new line is available online only, in order to reduce costs to their clientele. Online only orders are the best way to save your departments' funds. Having to pay attention to the laws of your own jurisdiction with regard to emergency equipment lights, police siren and PA system, you don't have to pay the price. As law enforcement professionals, we all know the benefits of quality equipment.

The new product being introduced by the company is the "LAMPHUS SoundAlert SASN01/SASP01 100 Watt Emergency Warning Siren Speaker PA System". It is fully capable of handling the load of today's police vehicle fleet. With 2 auxiliary switches on the siren box itself, it handles additional peripherals that you may require, but not have the room for on the primary switch box itself. Although a check with local laws regarding the use in a private vehicle is advised, it can be utilized by fire, EMS, and unmarked vehicles with ease.

Another useful and unique feature of the SASN01 is the integrated microphone with its push to talk (PTT) feature that when activated, will temporarily mute the siren so that the radio transmission can be heard without being overpowered by the siren. This is a useful feature that can be used over various platforms.

While the package deal for the police siren and PA system includes all the wires and connections one would need for proper installation, all the products at come with there famous 100% satisfactory guarantee and 90-day return policy. Now on special promotion for $174.99, it's an easy way to make you look good for the boss.

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