New K-6 Public Charter School Offering Spanish Immersion and High-tech Learning Opens Fall 2014

Empower Charter School, a unique, new San Diego public school, is slated to open in Fall, 2014.

The school will focus on cultural diversity and overall student well-being, to build a foundation of success for the minds and bodies of its' students. Empower will uniquely offer a Spanish Immersion program, highly creative and innovative learning environment, and school-wide concentration on health and fitness.

The school will be centrally located in San Diego to allow open enrollment from all areas of San Diego county. While Empower opens this fall, parents in the community are already showing great interest in the new public school offering.

"As the mother of three, I have participated in several different schools. I am thrilled that Empower will keep class sizes small, and their policy on physical activity and nutrition as a pathway to learning is brilliant. I am really looking forward to working with Empower from the ground up. What a wonderful opportunity," says interested parent, Lucy O.

Empower Charter School will focus efforts to become part of the solution to the childhood obesity problem in America. Their goal is to add value within the community by educating parents about issues such as parenting, healthy eating, and stress management.

The charter school's Spanish Immersion program will be influential in helping student's attain individual goals and exceed all expectations.

Demi Brown, Executive Director of Empower, explains the importance of Spanish immersion within America's educational system, "Research demonstrates that students in language immersion programs not only meet, but often exceed the performance of their peers learning in a monolingual setting, and they also have the added benefit of being bilingual. Our Spanish Immersion program will give our students a competitive edge to become bilingual leaders in the global workplace. "

Empower Charter School's open enrollment period is now until the end of April. Interested parents can enroll online today at

About Empower Charter School

Empower Charter School
1234 31st Street
San Diego, CA