New Jersey Girls Publish Humorous Sports Playbook

Find out what happens when football and fashion collide. A book of American football terms defined with a comical twist that includes beauty, dating, fashion, friends, men, money, sex, and shopping.

Two South Jersey girls, Deb Durst and Jill Rubin take American football terms to a new level with the release of their humorous playbook, There's Lipstick on My Pigskin! The book, their first in a planned series of satirical, dictionary-style sports playbooks, is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Durst and Rubin both sales professionals for more than 20 years, are now pursuing their life long dream of meeting and helping people by making them laugh. They are currently planning launch parties, book signings and reaching out to local and national organizations to speak on the importance of showing your funny side in a world that seems hell-bent on creating a one-size-fits-all robotic lifestyle.

This book will make "Football Fashionistas" out of women of all ages, including those who can actually go wide without wearing a jock strap. The book also serves as a handbook for jocks who want to learn how to connect with the Sunday Cosmo-drinking Football Fashionista—and maybe learn a second language, "Lipstick Pigskin." Durst and Rubin claim that "Men will trade in their tape measures for eyeliner pencils and curling irons when they learn the female definition of good penetration."

Deb Durst and Jill Rubin are marketing and sales professionals who currently reside in New Jersey. They are authors, radio show hosts and public speakers. Durst and/or Rubin are available for interviews and appearances. To schedule presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book signings contact: or visit their website at Their book is available online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.