New Jersey Fun Services and Metro Exhibits Partner to Provide Plexiglass and Polycarbonate Protective Barriers to New Jersey Based School Districts

Business Owners Pivot to Fulfill the Needs of Children During Unprecedented Times

Fun Services New Jersey, a leader in New Jersey school fundraising programs and events since 1968, and Metro Exhibits, a national tradeshow exhibit booth and displays company, teamed up to manufacture both plexiglass and polycarbonate protective barriers to school communities across New Jersey. Both businesses suffered tremendous setbacks due to COVID-era regulations and began their pivot into Personal Protective Equipment as regulatory guidelines increased which would halt their regular business practices.

Pivoting in Trying Times

Anthony Lombardi, CEO of NJ Fun Services, called on lifelong friend Philip Zamloot nearly 12 months ago when severe pandemic-related effects began to decimate his thriving fundraising and event company. The two shared a common goal of servicing schools by manufacturing and distributing protective barriers in the hope that it would facilitate student and teacher return to in-person instruction.

"Metro Exhibits and Phil were important pieces to the puzzle. Without Metro's equipment and experience in the industry, my company would not have been able to feel 100 percent confident that we would be selling a high-quality product," said Anthony Lombardi, CEO of NJ Fun Services. "Phil's years of experience allowed our companies the ability to serve the educational community that we hold dear by satisfying a growing demand."

Zamloot and Lombardi, both Belleville High School graduates, reminisced on their childhood memories and all which led them to where they are today. "I feel for these kids, I really do; the goal at Metro Exhibits right now is to help get teachers and students back in the classroom at the highest possible capacity," Zamloot explained. "We are poised and ready for the anticipated demand for any plexiglass or polycarbonate needs in the coming three months and have plenty of stock in inventory ready for fabrication."

Lombardi has been able to leverage his nearly 35 years of working closely with schools to call on the relationships that he has built within his fundraising and events business. Lombardi and the Fun Services team plan to knock on every superintendent's door in the state to let them know Fun Services has what they need in their quest to return to school. "Our clients trust us, they have confidence in our ability to get things done and done correctly. Our clients are aware of our promptness, creativity, and ability to meet deadlines. I feel confident that we are primed and ready to tackle even the most complex custom barrier builds," said Anthony Lombardi.

Ocean Academy Charter School, located in Lakewood New Jersey, is one school that was able to return to 100 percent capacity for in-class instruction due to Lombardi and Zamloot's initiative. "Metro Exhibits was reliable, they delivered quality barriers that surpassed our expectations. I would strongly recommend using them if your school is looking to get your students back in a safe environment," said Valarie Smith, Lead Founder and Executive Director.

School Return

Anthony Lombardi and Philip Zamloot urge any New Jersey-based school discussing a return to in-person instruction to reach out for their assistance in the process. "To date, we have completed dozens of schools, some of which are already back to full capacity. There are a lot of people emerging in this business these days, many of which don't have the background needed to design a long-lasting product. Simply put, Metro Exhibits does," said Anthony Lombardi. "Between Metro and I, we have everything a school needs in order to ensure a safe, efficient return. Our website shows an overview of the variety of products we are able to offer."

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