New Internet Resource Now Includes Double Deck Exhibit Rental Options Available To Trade Show Exhibitors.

Image Design and Communications, Inc. a Los Angeles based trade show display company today announced an important new update to their five-member family of web sites. Appropriately named "Displays We love":The newest addition to Displays We Love can

Image Design and Communications, Inc. a Los Angeles based trade show display company today announced an important new update to their five-member family of web sites. Appropriately named "Displays We love", the updated section features a select group of designs each representing a specific display format. The newest section is located on Image Design's Portable and Modular Display site; Designs were based on factors such as visual appeal, cost / benefit relationship, ease of set up and overall versatility. One best example of available formats was chosen within the categories of Portable and Modular Trade Show Displays, Tension Fabric, Aluminum Booth Displays. Together, they provide the visitor with a fairly complete picture of the primary display formats available and the differences between them.

The newest addition to Displays We Love can be found at

Trade-show-displays-we-love starts off with pictorial images of each design and a brief caption which serves as a link to the detail page. Concise information and visuals provide a quick snapshot of the unique benefits of that particular display format including the main reasons Image Design considers these the best in their category. Shipping weight, options and price information are detailed for each model. By keeping navigation within the new section simple and direct, the new section makes it easy to compare and contrast. One of the original and most popular products in this section features spectacular photography and backlit logo graphics at

This new exhibitor resource is the first of its kind and a useful resource for businesses in several ways. Companies making their first foray into the world of trade show booth displays available on line are met with an overwhelming number of web sites with a number of products sub category items. The process of making an informed judgment about which options serve their needs best can lengthy and drawn out. A great example is at trade-show-displays-we-love/10-x-10-designerline-structure, a new Custom Modular Display Design.

Overall, this exhibitor resources helps shorten the learning curve significantly. This kind of quick reference is a real benefit to small business, often the least willing to risk sometimes-scarce resources in uncharted waters for a trade show marketing outreach program.

Larger companies can benefit as well. Especially with larger exhibits, there are marked differences from one display vs. another related to cost to purchase, cost to own and cost to maintain. In the last few years, many companies have combined sales and marketing departments so that new, inexperienced staff are often tasked with managing their Trade Show Marketing program. Larger exhibits in particular can be budget busters and really require a good knowledge base to avoid unexpected cost overruns.

Image Design and Communications, Inc., the company behind addresses another challenge exhibitors face. According to Nick Drance, President of Image Design, their Corporate Tagline, "Building Relationships Through Design" has been a core principle and key asset they developed through over 20 years in the industry and part of the reason for creating this kind of trade show resource.
"Our relationship orientation is a real benefit to our clients. We know that the relationship we establish with our clients has a lot to do with the ones they need to form on the trade show floor. As our internet sales volume has developed over the years, we've found that our behaviors need adapt in the electronic age. In the past, clients would visit our showroom and learn the difference from one type of display format vs. another.

Perhaps more importantly, the client's actual marketing requirements would be discussed and evaluated together. This is how we would begin to build our relationship with our clients. By empowering our new clients with a basic understanding of their display choices at Trade-show-displays-we-love , it's easier to combine that with a discussion of their overall needs. This helps us maintain our relationship orientation with clients located around the world; it's like having virtual showroom!"

The economy is another change that has impacted all companies both large and small. Making a smart purchase investment is one thing but some companies are stretching marketing budgets to the max by delaying a purchase or increasing their participation in trade shows. Image Design and Communications recently announced yet another innovative addition to their internet presence. is the only online resource specializing only in trade show truss display rentals. By providing fixed turnkey costs, both international and domestic clients can eliminate the guesswork of determining total costs and also save valuable time. "This is another way we've adapted to changing trends in the market place" Nick added. "We've seen an increase in European and Asian companies needing to strengthen their presence in the US market while other clients chose to put off the purchase of a new exhibit this year. We have a great deal of expertise in this product category and felt we could offer exceptional value by limiting our trade show display rentals to the specialized truss we offer, including backlit graphics and slat wall." For even more information on this new money saving trade show exhibitor resource visit

Contact New Product Development staff at Image Design and Communications, Inc. at 818-563-3322 for additional information.

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