New Innovative Functionality to Maximize Kanban Board Efficiency

VirtoSoftware introduces the update of Virto Kanban Board On-Premise for SharePoint with an improved interface and new functionality to extend the potential of task management in SharePoint.

Virto Kanban Board On-Premise

VirtoSoftware presents the latest update of the Virto Kanban Board web part for Sharepoint. 

The improved Kanban Board On-premise includes: 

  • Rapid swimlane change
  • Automated actions with tasks
  • Adding required fields from board settings
  • New site collection administrator interface
  • List of all site collection boards

Switch swimlane field on the board

An additional way to categorize tasks on the board, besides labels and filters, is using swimlanes. Now users can switch between the swimlane fields right on the board. For instance, typically, user groups tasks by Project, and there is a need to group tasks by Assignee. If previously it was required to open board settings and change the swimlane field, now users can choose the field from the dropdown on the board tools panel.

Key benefits of improved swimlanes:

  1. No necessity to open board settings; choose the field in the dropdown on the board. 
  2. Additional option for enhanced analysis of work from various sides.
  3. No need to create multiple boards for the same list and different swimlane fields.

The option of switching between swimlane fields on the board is crucial for software developers. When epics need to be split into user stories, and user stories require dividing into tasks and subtasks, Virto Kanban Users may use epic as a board and user story as a horizontal swimlane. In this case, swimlanes provide an additional option of grouping tasks depending on the situation. 

Automated actions with tasks

Now the Kanban Board on-premise allows users to automate actions with Kanban board tasks. Users have to create a custom rule and apply it to the chosen tasks. 

There are two new automated actions available: 

  • Auto-assign users: automatically assigns tasks of a specific condition to a chosen user, i.e., users may auto-assign tasks to QA when the developer's work is done. 
  • Bulk swimlane change: automatically moves tasks of a certain condition to a chosen swimlane, i.e., users may apply bulk swimlane change to move all "In progress" tasks to the next sprint.

Adding required Kanban fields in board settings

Now users can add missing fields required for board creation quickly. If there are no fields such as Due Date, Comments, or Labels in the list, the user can add required fields right in the board settings with an "Add field" function. 

New site collection administrator interface.

An updated Admin interface is also introduced in the SharePoint Settings part of the sites with more capabilities for central management and standardization of the boards.

List of all site collection boards

Site collection administrators can create an up-to-date list of all Kanban boards existing on this site collection from the Kanban Admin interface.

Source: VirtoSoftware

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