New Innovation Enables Social Distancing

The Step Stand

The Step Stand is a ground anchoring device that can secure a large umbrella and also holds a phone or tablet at the desired viewing angle. This new product is being offered by Ratchet Rake LLC, an internet retailer based in Carlisle, PA.

The recent health emergency has resulted in the implementation of social distancing guidelines that are intended to keep people separated. To maintain a safe distance, many people use portable devices to communicate with family and friends from inside their homes. Unfortunately, companies that manufacture this technology have never addressed the need for consumers to use their products outdoors over extended periods of time.

The Step Stand is a new innovation that enables hands-free viewing of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and also holds a beach or patio umbrella up to 10’ in diameter. It can be installed just about anywhere you can sink a digging spade into the ground. The Step Stand becomes firmly implanted into the ground by standing on the base while rocking the handles from side to side. The Step Stand is compatible with beach or patio umbrellas with shafts up to 1.5”. Its handles are orientated 29” above the ground and can be used to hang a heavy backpack and other items. The Step Stand’s tilting tabletop is constructed with a Tech Rail which also supports a book or magazine at the desired viewing angle. The tabletop also has two round fixtures that can cradle a pair of wine glasses or secure fishing rods. Connection loops for a pet’s leash are located on each side of the base.

The Step Stand is offered as a basic umbrella stand with a pair of connection loops for $59.99 (5.3 pounds). The umbrella holder with connection loops plus with the tilting tabletop is priced at $99.99 (7.7 pounds). Product video and other information is available at

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