New Initiative to Educate Black & Latino Investors Receives Support From Nasdaq Foundation

THRIVE financial wellness campaign is focused on helping underserved communities build intergenerational wealth

THRIVE Campaign

My Money My Future, a leading fintech for financial inclusion, and Black & Brown Founders, a non-profit focused on tech entrepreneurship, announced today a new initiative to educate and activate one million Black & Latino investors. The THRIVE initiative will focus on increasing access to investor education and advancing wealth building in underserved communities. 

The new nationwide initiative, funded by the Nasdaq Foundation, will include financial education workshops, webinars, and community events focused on topics such as retirement planning, investing, insurance and entrepreneurship.  

"THRIVE is designed to reach people where they are: in their places of work, in their communities, online, and in partnership with membership organizations they trust. Our multi-pronged approach moves us beyond financial literacy into economic mobility," said Ramona Ortega, founder of My Money My Future. "Building intergenerational wealth is more than just a financial education course. It's about knowing how to make your money work for you, to build wealth for your family and community for generations to come." 

"The THRIVE initiative will focus on strategic partnerships with corporate employee resource groups, universities, and membership organizations," said Deldep Medina, Executive Director, Black & Brown Founders. "Entrepreneurship is a driver of building wealth in this country, and having a strong and robust understanding of your finances is key to growing and protecting your assets." 

"The Nasdaq Foundation is committed to supporting efforts focused on reimagining investor engagement, particularly in underrepresented communities, to equip them with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to access capital and sustain wealth," said Jailan Griffiths, President of the Nasdaq Foundation and Head of Purpose. "The THRIVE initiative is a perfect example of how we together can collaborate and deliver access to impactful engaging financial knowledge."

"One of the ways the initiative is reimagining investor engagement is linking financial education with overall wellness and creating a curated event for women. One of our community activations features a Money Makeover: a full day focused particularly on women, where we will collaborate with beauty industry partners to host panels, workshops, and 1:1 financial coaching to bridge financial wellness with overall well-being. In general, many women spend a lot of time and money on beauty because it makes them feel good and we want to bring that same feeling of confidence to their financial life," said Ortega.

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