New Inflatable Skirt Product for RV Owners is Game Changer in the Camping and RV Market

AirSkirts™ is a patent-pending, first of its kind inflatable RV skirting solution that saves customer's time, energy and money while protecting their RVs from weather damage.

AirSkirts, The Inflatable RV Skirt

An innovative new product is set to hit the RV accessories market on Jan. 24. AirSkirts, a cold-weather protection solution for RVs, tiny homes, and more, is set to make its debut at the Northeast RV and Camping Show on Jan. 24 in Hartford, Conn. The AirSkirts system provides an easier, more cost-effective, and less time-consuming skirting solution to help protect RVs, trailers, vans, other vehicles and even tiny homes during cold months, preventing frozen pipes and hoses and other costly damage.

AirSkirts utilizes the natural insulating properties of air to help protect RVs and other vehicles that need to be used during cold weather or otherwise protected. When an RV is parked, the underside is exposed to the open environment. Due to this, burst water pipes and other system failures are common, even on high-end RVs. This outside exposure also allows leaves and trash to easily become trapped under the vehicle creating a perfect home for unwanted critters. AirSkirts’ insulating properties also prevent energy dissipation and cold floors; this stops heating systems from working overtime and wasting valuable energy. 

Unlike other products on the market such as Styrofoam, PVC sheeting, or customized fabricated skirts, AirSkirts is easy to install and cost-effective. In under 30 minutes, users can inflate the AirSkirts system, which is comprised of heavy-duty, long-lasting material and military-grade valves. The system features reinforced seams and material that are resistant to tears, punctures and extreme weather. When not in use, AirSkirts can be rolled and stored in a carry bag.

Because of strong yet flexible construction, AirSkirts can easily conform to a variety of sizes and shapes and can account for drains, pipes and hoses on whatever vehicle it is being used to protect. In addition to its innovative construction, the product provides an attractive way to protect a parked vehicle.

“We are thrilled to offer AirSkirts to consumers looking for a practical solution to protect their hard-earned investments such as RVs, trailers, vans, and even tiny homes,” said Jim Phelan, Founder and Managing Director. “AirSkirts is an easy to use system that helps ward off damage caused by the elements at a more attractive price point than other weatherization systems on the market. We’ve spent years listening to the needs of RV owners everywhere and utilized our own experiences as campers to deliver a product that we truly believe will be a gamechanger in the industry.”

AirSkirts will be available to consumers for purchase on Jan. 24, 2020 and can be purchased at To learn more about the patent-pending AirSkirts, visit or contact Jim Phelan, Founder and Managing Director, at 833-475-4787 or email

Source: AirSkirts LLC