New iCleanse Swift UV Product Combines Phone Disinfection With Hand Hygiene for a Comprehensive Cleaning Experience

Each new patented Swift UV product includes an attached hand sanitizer dispenser, bringing surface disinfection and hand hygiene together for the complete and convenient cleaning package most businesses lack.

iCleanse (formerly ReadyDock), the leader in chemical-free UV-C disinfection technology for over 10 years, announced today the addition of hand sanitizer dispensers to its patented Swift UV mobile phone disinfection product.

Swift UV is the latest chemical-free UV-C disinfection product from iCleanse under the new leadership of CEO Chris Allen. Announced in March 2021, Swift UV is designed to disinfect smartphones in hospitals, retail stores, corporations, sports venues, restaurants, airports, and more. The addition of a PURELL® hand sanitizer dispenser at no additional cost makes Swift UV a complete disinfection and sanitization solution," says Allen.

Swift UV's technology kills 99.99% of pathogens on phones - including viruses that cause COVID-19 and influenza - in just 15 seconds.

"Too often, we wash or sanitize our hands and then reach for our contaminated smartphones," he said. "Mobile device disinfection and hand sanitization go hand-in-hand. Our smartphones can harbor over 25,000 bacteria per square inch. Disinfecting our smartphones with Swift UV while simultaneously sanitizing our hands helps eliminate germs that can cause illness."

Businesses can purchase refills for their PURELL® hand sanitizer dispenser through their existing cleaning supply vendor, keeping the process streamlined and efficient. 

Swift UV as a Marketing Platform

Another standard addition to the Swift UV since the product was announced earlier this year is a 10-inch LCD screen, giving businesses the ability to display their custom digital and marketing content.

"There is so much potential with the Swift UV," Allen said. "This unit has the user's phone for 15 seconds; what better way to capture the attention of your customers?"

In addition, iCleanse now offers three Swift UV design configurations—stand, wall-mount, or table-top—so businesses can place this innovative disinfection station anywhere they see a need.  

The Swift UV is proudly "Made in the USA" and is the only patented UV-C solution for business owners looking to keep their employees and customers safe. Equipped with Crystal IS LEDs, the Swift UV kills 99.99% of infectious pathogens in just 15 seconds. The Swift UV is available for pre-order online at and is expected to ship this November.

About iCleanse

Trusted by over 100 U.S. hospitals, iCleanse (formerly ReadyDock) provides chemical-free UV-C technology that kills 99.99% of human coronavirus and other pathogens (lab-tested against OC43, a surrogate of COVID-19). iCleanse offers a variety of products for every type of business and workflow. iCleanse products disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as mobile phones and tablets, as well as body cams, CB radios, and other items used daily. All iCleanse products are "Made in the USA." For more information, please visit

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