New Icebox Cryotherapy Studio in Columbia Offers Athletic Recovery, Health and Wellness, and Beauty Services

Cryotherapy Services and Treatments Help Alleviate Pain, Reduce Inflammation and Improve Skin Health

Icebox Cryotherapy

Icebox Cryotherapy franchisees John and Jennifer Hooks, a husband and wife team, have opened Icebox Cryotherapy Studio in Columbia. The 1,726 sq. foot state-of-the-art wellness and beauty center is located at 4609 Forest Drive, Building E, Suite 3, Columbia, SC 29206. It offers specialized healing and beauty services including Whole Body and Localized Cryotherapy, compression therapy and advanced cryobeauty services such as facials and body sculpting.

The Hooks became passionate about Icebox Cryotherapy after experiencing the benefits of this natural wellness and pain relief option for themselves.

"We connected with one of Jennifer's previous work colleagues who was an owner of an Icebox Cryotherapy Studio in Georgia, and he invited us to come see what it was all about," says John Hooks. "I was instantly hooked because of the relief it brought me for my lower back pain. That personal experience, along with talking to members who visited the Studio that day to learn how they benefitted from the cryotherapy services, was powerful. It helped us see a vision of bringing the many benefits of cryotherapy treatments and cryobeauty services to people in the Columbia area."

Cryotherapy is an excellent form of fast, naturopathic healing. Initially designed as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory joint diseases, Whole Body Cryotherapy has been proven beneficial in other health and wellness applications. The cryotherapy process involves exposing the body for three minutes to ultra-low temperatures, ranging from -200 degrees F to -256 degrees F.

"Columbia is an active community, and youth and college sports are growing exponentially," says John Hooks. "The area is full of people who believe in their health and actively pursue different types of exercise to achieve their wellness goals. We see Icebox Columbia as the place that everyone can visit to find recovery, improved energy and a new complement to their wellness journeys."

Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment helps cut injury recovery time in half, reduces chronic and acute pain, and lets people become the best version of themselves. Benefits include: 

  • Reduced inflammation, stress and pain
  • Better sleep 
  • Improved circulation
  • Faster recovery from injuries
  • Increased collagen

"We want the time customers spend at Icebox Cryotherapy to be the best minutes of their day," says Jennifer Hooks. "The Icebox Columbia Studio will be a place where guests and members can come to experience the benefits of cold therapy - recovery, improved wellness and reduced pain - all delivered in a natural way. We will provide exceptional service to customers, something we and our staff highly value. Get ready to chill, Columbia!"

About Icebox:

Icebox Cryotherapy Studios is a Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) company whose flagship location is based in Georgia. It's the first cryotherapy retail company in the United States and is opening new locations throughout the country. Icebox Cryotherapy provides recovery therapy services for athletes and active adults as well as aesthetic and health and wellness benefits to the general public. WBC treatments provide a natural, safe, non-invasive therapeutic program to aid in athletic performance and recovery, pain and inflammation reduction, and health and wellness by promoting and stimulating the body's natural healing process.

For more information, including franchise ownership opportunities, visit

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