New Hot Tub Resource Site Launched; Includes H2O Wellness Benefits launches new in-depth website focused on hot and cold soaking tubs, hot tubs, spas and portable infrared saunas, plus collateral materials and instructional videos on health benefits.

On the east side of Lansing, in the shadow of Michigan State University, Hotwater Works, Inc. today announced the launch of an extensive new hot tub information resource located online at The site provides information that details the benefits, use, purchase, delivery and installation of extra deep hot and cold Japanese soaking tubs, hot tubs, spas and Portable Infrared Saunas, as well as select accessory items.  

Company CEO James McFarland said, “We’re excited about the launch of the new website, because it’s more than an online store, it’s a valuable information resource to educate people interested in learning more about the important health and wellness benefits of soaking in water.”  McFarland is an author, innovator, researcher, inventor and 30 year veteran of the soaking tub industry. 

"We're excited about the launch of the new website"

James McFarland, CEO

Jeffrey Antisdel, of site developer Precept Partners said, “The new website is designed and organized to be easy to use and navigate on any size device, from a desktop, to tablet, to smartphone or even the largest big screen.  Being fully responsive, automatically adjusts the display to the user’s screen size, thus supporting the delivery of information, images and video needed to best support consumer needs and preferences.” 

In addition to product information, the new website features links to videos and publications explaining the use of hot and cold water therapies and the related benefits.


Hotwater Works, Inc. is a volume hot tub and sauna retailer located on the east side of Lansing, Michigan, in the shadow of Michigan State University.  Since 1978, Hotwater Works has been one of the largest distributors of hot tubs in the Midwest, specializing in quality ozone sanitation and outstanding customer service. Hotwater Works provides installation, repair, and unparalleled water chemistry expertise. Details available at and


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